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Membership Agreement

Guidelines for Members and Events:
These guidelines are in effect whether your ministry (ministry, church, organization, related business) decides to have one person or more than one person access God Around Town to post your events.

Your Ministry is responsible for accuracy of event information posted (i.e.: time, date, location, description, categories of event, contact info.) and fit God Around Town's mission, vision and guidelines for membership and terms of use. Members should post events that glorify God, are Biblical/Torah based, and fit into one or more of the category types provided on the site. The list of actual categories may be altered or expanded as needs of Members indicate. You agree to only post events that your ministry, or it’s directly connected departments/ministries, are hosting, is sponsoring or specifically involved with.

Members will be churches, organizations, ministries, or related businesses who are Yeshua (Jesus) and Bible believing and following in their teachings, activities, events and ways of conducting their lives.

Churches are allowed to post any activity or event other than their usual Saturday/Sunday services, since God Around Town is focusing on getting people active for God outside of typical weekend service times. We appreciate your understanding.

You will have links to your website, so that viewers of God Around Town who are interested in your ministry or event will be able to view your website or contact you regarding specific things about your ministry or event.

If it is possible, please consider making a reciprocal link to God Around Town on your ministry's website. Thanks for your help in spreading the word!

God Around Town reserves the right to terminate any member who is either not Jesus or Bible based or is posting outside of the membership guidelines listed here. If your membership is terminated, you will no longer have access to post events and any listing of and events posted by your ministry will be removed from the God Around Town website. We are confident the incidence of this happening will be minimal at most, but please do consider contacting God Around Town if you have questions about membership or posting. We are here to help you and your ministry succeed in it's efforts for God.

Fees and Costs:
Members can join free and post an unlimited number of events on their own. We also offer an additional “event posting assistance” service, but this service is specifically “opt-in”, and is never automatically applied to your account without your permission.

If you do opt-in for the “event posting assistance” service, God Around Town will post up to 5 different events for you for free. No need to login, just send us an email with pertinent details about the event and we’ll post it for you. Additional events are $2 per event, and a repeated event (daily, weekly etc) that can be entered as such will be considered one event. Changes to a posted event will be $2 per event. NOTE: Changes or deletions to repeated events must be done individually so please be sure to give us accurate information. Thank you!

If you have questions about posting your events, please contact us. We'd like to help answer your questions.

Events God Around Town posts for you will be entered after the payment transaction for the service is completed. The small cost of posting events for you helps us to cover the cost of website fees, upkeep, and our time. Our main focus is continuing to grow into a very helpful website for people to find a wide variety of Christian events and ministry information, so please let us know if we can be of help.

Ending Your Membership:
To end your membership agreement with God Around Town, we ask you to send written notice (email) stating you wish to cancel your membership. Your ministry will be removed from the membership directory and any posted events will be deleted.

By checking the box below you acknowledge that you have read, agree with, do meet the requirements of, and will follow these terms and conditions of membership and use of this event posting site for your church, business, ministry or organization's events.

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